Life of the resort restaurant: events
Welcome, new chef!
Welcome, new chef!

The kitchen of the fish restaurant "Plakuchaya Iva" headed by Alexei Vershinin

Alexei Vershinin is a talented young chef from the White Rabbit Family.

Fish, seafood, seasonal products and healthy food are the main themes of Alexei's work. After joining the WRF team four years ago, he managed to work for the best restaurants of the holding and developed his personal style. "Sakhalin" taught him to love fish, "Red Fox" gave courage, and "Vokrug sveta" has broadened chef’s horizons. After launching the innovative cafe "How to green" by Sasha Novikova in a popular gastronomy market, Alexei Vershinin came back to Sochi to work with his favorite Black Sea fish and seafood in "Plakuchaya Iva".

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